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Video Production Services

We produce a variety of animated videos, including Explainer, Educational, Commercial, Music, Lyric, Product, Branded, Video Series, Internal Comms, Whiteboard, and Social Media videos. Our goal is to simplify, teach, advertise, engage, entertain, showcase, execute, and communicate effectively.

Animated Music Video Production

Multi-award-winning custom made 2D/2.5D animated music videos.

Animated Lyric Video Production

Animation enriches song lyrics with captivating visuals.

Explainer Video Production

Clear, engaging videos explaining your business in 1-2 minutes or less.

Explainer Video Services

Educational Video Production

Informative, engaging videos educate, build trust, and captivate.

educational video

Commercial Video Production

Create brief, engaging videos to boost brand visibility and generate excitement.

Social Media Video Production

Engaging videos for online platforms: Drive engagement, amplify brand presence.

Product Video Production

Compelling animated videos creatively showcase unique features, driving sales.

Educational Video Productions - animotionlab

Animated Video Series Production

Compelling animated video series: connect, inform, strengthen brand, engage viewers.

Video Series Production

Animated Branded Video Production

Harness captivating videos to seamlessly advance, connect, and enhance your brand.

Animated Whiteboard Video Production

Inspire, captivate, and delight your audience with engaging 2D whiteboard animations.

Internal Comms Video Production

Engage and align your workforce with concise internal communication videos.

Website Animated Video Production

Enhance your website with captivating custom animations for a lasting impact.

Motion Graphics Production

Elevate Your Brand with Custom made Captivating Motion Design Expertise, Igniting Success.

2D Animation Production

Modern digital 2D/2.5D cartoon animation brings animated characters to life with seamless movements.

Paper Animation Production

Delightful paperesque 2D/2.5D animations blending lifelike charm with a Paper Animation inspired cut-out style.

Stop Motion Animation Production

Recreating the nostalgic aesthetic of traditional stop motion animation through digital 2D animation.

Animated Illustration Production

Animated illustrations bring static images to life, simplifying complex topics, usually looping and 10-20 seconds.


Engage viewers with expertly crafted image videos, creatively conveying your company’s message.

Traditional Animation Production

Classical 2D animation, cel animation, or hand-drawn animation, frame-by-frame drawn animated loops.

Animation Production

Cutting-edge AI videos, crafted through the collaborative iteration and refined with post-processing techniques.

And here’s some of the many industries we work with

Video Production Partnership

Your production agency’s perfect video production partner. We take the workload off your hands and help satisfy your clients’ video needs. Let us be the video agency you’re looking for to enhance your services.

Startup Video Accelerator

Ignite your startup’s growth with our tailored video solutions. From compelling explainer videos to captivating branded content, we guide startups through the entire customer journey.

Healthcare Video Solutions

Amplify your healthcare message with our tailored video production. Blend creativity and strategy to deliver impactful education, explainer & marketing videos. Simplify complexities with our expertise since 2010.

Nonprofit Video Production

Share your mission with our tailored nonprofit video production. We help you tell impactful stories, build connections, and advocate for your cause. Partner with us for engaging videos that make a difference.

Corporate Video Solutions

Harness the power of video to build consumer trust, establish brand identity, train staff, and simplify complex products. Our corporate video production covers a range of styles to effectively engage your target audience.

Custom Designs by AnimotionLab

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Key Advantages of Our Animated Video Production Studio

Our Video Services: Essential insights you need to know:

Captivating Animation: Capture attention with distinctive and stunning creativity that stands out.

Tailored Solutions: Customized approach to meet your unique needs. Boutique instead of factory.

Compelling Storytelling: Breathe life into your narrative for impact. Be inspired by our projects!

Various animation styles to capture and align with your brand’s unique creativity. No dull standard formats, just stand out!

Timely Collaboration: Prompt delivery and open honest communication for success.